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Chatbot Builder WordPress Plugin --Maxbot 1.4.1

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FREE Download Premium and Nulled Chatbot Builder WordPress Plugin --Maxbot 1.4.1 version from NullPro Community. It is rar Extention type and 1.7 MB File size. From Chatbot Builder WordPress Plugin --Maxbot have 2 Description Attachments, 1 discussion, 1 Updates, 388 Views.

Welcome to the best easiest, trending chatbot maker, Maxbot – Wordpress Chatbot Builder, it’s a really easy tool to create chatbot without requiring any coding or technical knowledge, It’s simple to create different logic blocks and link them to respective triggers.

You don’t need to use any external API, it does not depend on any other services, the main point of building such a project it is to let clients create intelligent virtual assistants in minutes.

Thus it is great for automating the sales process and maximising the efficiency of lead generation, and a great way to collect and analyze data and feedback from customers.

It uses text analysis algorithm to understand humans in the same way individuals understand each other, the algorithm looks at specific keywords that revolves around a specific question after it manages to make sense of the message it goes to another case block, this tool lets you build a human-like bot that engage clients and pique their curiosity to continue the conversation, It has also the ability to train your conversational chatbot.

It saves you time by not answering the same questions repeatedly, the user can simply tap one of the quick reply buttons to reply, to move to another case block, you can set unlimited quick reply buttons to a message of any type.

Explore more about this chatbot maker on the demo website, it has some examples of chatbot made by Maxbot and a trial session where you can online try the product.
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