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Advanced WooCommerce Reporting 7.0

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a comprehensive and the most complete reporting system
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FREE Download Premium and Nulled Advanced WooCommerce Reporting 7.0 version from NullPro Community. It is zip Extention type and 9 MB File size. From Advanced WooCommerce Reporting have 6 Description Attachments, 1 discussion, 1 Updates, 477 Views.


WooCommerce Advance Reporting System plugin is a comprehensive and the most complete reporting system which shows you a complete report of Recent Orders, Sales Order Summary, Top Product views, Coupons, Order status, Stock, Shipping, Tax, Categories and … in a very easy way. You can filter your detailed reports by dates and other related options.
Also we have created a section which you can set your desired monthly sale amount (called Projected Sale) and then view a report of Projectd Vs Actual Sale for each month of year.

Key Features​

  • Clean Design
  • Responsive Layout – Latest version of Bootstrap
  • Compatible with last version of wordpress
  • Easy to Use UI
  • RTL
  • Visual Reports : Pie chart & Bar chart for display the reports
  • Search From : There is separate search form for each report page.
  • Data Grid : The search result (reports) will be displayed as grid layout with some options :
    • Number of Rows : You can set number of rows.
    • Export Date : There are 3 types of export for each grid : Export to CSV, Excel and PDF plus copy option(Html5 Supported).
    • Show/Hide Columns : You can show/hide grid columns.
  • Powerful Dashboard with Many Useful Summarize Reports.
  • Advanced Reports :
    • All Orders : Generate a perfect reports from orders with many details : Order name, Status, Gross amount, Net Amount, Shipping amount, Tax and …
    • Product Report : Display product details such as : Product name, category, Sale Qty and …
    • Category Report : Display category details such as : Category name, Amount and …
    • Country & State Report : Generate report for countries and states with order detail of each.
    • Tax & Refund Report : Reach to useful reports without any calculations, just with one CLICK!
    • Providence : If you want to increase your sale, you should define some targets and try to reach them. We provide an advanced report for this purpose, you can compare the current actual sales with your target and discover the new plan for increase the sales!
    • and more …
  • Invoice in “All Orders” report
  • Send reports via Email in schedule time
  • Compatible with some Plugins and Extra add-ons :
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7.0 - 7.0
Version 7.0 Release Date 08.02.2022Fixed: Compatible with PHP 8 Fixed: Compatible with...

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