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This is a free add-on made by me that will show the counts of the most users that have ever been onl
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FREE Download Premium and Nulled [OzzModz] Most Ever Online 2.0.1 version from NullPro Community. It is zip Extention type and 17.5 KB File size. From [OzzModz] Most Ever Online have 2 discussion, 2 Updates, 376 Views.
This is a free add-on made by me that will show the counts of the most users that have ever been online. It includes counts for all users, members, and guests.

You have the option to display counts for any or all of the 3. Totals, members, or guests via permissions. You can choose to display them right inside the members online widget under the total visitors. You can also display it as a widget, just be sure to create your widget and make sure the permission isn't set to off.

When you first install the add-on all the display permissions for the add-on specifically are set to default yes. To enable the counts under the members online widget or forum statistics simply go to options->[BP] MostEverOnline-> and select the option for it. Check the box and click save. To display the widget go to appearance -> widgets ->add widget -> widget definition -> then select "[BP] Most Ever Online Statistics". You can place the widget anywhere you'd like. The add-on is fully phrased so you can change the text by going to appearance -> phrases and selecting the add-ons phrases

This add-on also runs via a Cron task. The counts are updated every minute. You can manually run the cron task by finding the Most Users Ever Online run task and running it.

Feature list:

  • Counts for Most Total Users Ever Online
  • Counts for Most Total Members Ever Online
  • Counts for Most Total Guests Ever Online
  • Counts include record date
  • Option to place inside Members Online under total visitors
  • Option to place at the bottom inside Forum Statistics
  • Option to format date however you like
  • Option to reset counts if needed
  • Option to create a Widget with the Counts
  • Option to use most total visitors only under members online or forum statistics
  • Permission to select whether to display any of the counts for selected usergroups
  • Permission to choose who or what usergroup can see the widget
  • Fully phrased
To install be sure to upload the contents of the Upload directory to the root of your Xenforo installation. After you upload the files go to your admin panel then go to and click the add-on section and click install. Be sure to upload the files correctly.

For more information on how to install add-ons refer to this documentation -> https://xenforo.com/xf2-docs/manual/add-ons/#installing-or-upgrading-an-add-on

If you have any questions I will be sure to answer them. I worked really hard on this and hope you like the add-on.

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Latest updates

2.0.1 - changelog
Fixed: template modifications not working. Fixed: bad versioning numbers.
2.0.0 - [OzzModz] Most Ever Online for XenForo 2.1+ Update 2.0.0
Support: XF 2.2 Changed: Widget title to Most Ever Online

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