City Selection and Location Targeting

City Selection and Location Targeting 1.0.0

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FREE Download Premium and Nulled City Selection and Location Targeting 1.0.0 version from NullPro Community. From City Selection and Location Targeting have 415 Views.
After installing the "City selection and geo-targeting" module, your online store will have the opportunity to determine the location of the buyer using geo-targeting, as well as adding and choosing a city.

The advantages of the module "City selection and geo-targeting" include:
- Extension of the functionality of the online store;
- An increase in the number of loyal customers;
- Ability to translate into different languages;
- The functionality is useful for owners of an online store;
- Obtaining full information about the location of their customers;
- Easy installation;

After installing the "City selection and geo-targeting" module, your client will receive:
- Ability to choose your location when entering the site;
- Automatic location if its city is found in the list added by the owner of the online store;
- A certain city automatically becomes a delivery city;
- Detailed information on pickup points and information on the purchase of goods in a particular city.
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