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EAE Add-ons, select the History tab.
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A lot happens on a forum, or even to a forum, over the course of years. The history add-on helps you to keep track of events and milestones that occur, and when they occurred. This is useful for nostalgic reasons, and informative reasons. You can record an event that may consist of hiring your first moderator, and who it is, or why you let a staff member go, or when you merged with a forum, or even keep track of warnings for troublesome members, etc. And more importantly this add-on may encourage your members to engage in your forum more when they notice, for example, that your forum is only 800 posts away from reaching that 100,000 message plateau. And if you like, when that milestone is reached, create a new event (or edit the milestone) that states whom made the 100,000 message, and what was the message they posted. Record any event you feel impacted your forum, and helped shape it into what it is today.

Live demo

EAE Add-ons, select the History tab. You may also find more information about the add-on within the posted events.


  • Supports the following milestones: number of posts, threads, members, and the anniversary date of when your site went live. It also supports the number of resources (if the resource manager is installed), and the number media items and albums (if the XenForo media gallery is installed).
  • Milestones are recorded automatically via cron that runs four times a day.
  • Events can be added, and may include attachments. Events can be made private, so that only those with the permission can view them. Events may also be set to display on a future date.
  • Events and milestones may be edited, and their types changed, i.e., a milestone changed to an event, or a public event made private, etc.
  • Events may be reported. Milestones can not be reported unless they have been edited.
  • Events and milestones are searchable. Note, this has not been tested with enhanced search.
  • Members may be mentioned in an event. Members will only be notified that they were mentioned if they can view the event type, i.e. if a mentioned member can not view private entries, and you mentioned the member in one, they will not be notified.
  • Milestone markers can be changed from the default ones on install. This may be useful for large forums that already have hundreds of thousands of posts, or threads, etc.
  • Supported milestones can have their next marker value changed from within the admin control panel. This is useful if, for example, the next marker for posts is set at 1000, and the current number of messages is at 700, you may want to record when you achieve 750 posts.
  • Supported milestones may also be removed from within the admin control panel. If you remove one, it will stop recording for that milestone, and any milestone markers achieved will stay visible on the front side. If you add it back, it will continue where it left off (with the exception of the anniversary milestone, it will begin at one year again, so you will need to edit it's next marker value, or remove all recorded anniversary dates from the front end before you re-add it).
  • Supports inline moderation, approve\unapprove, delete/undelete.
  • Sitemap generation. Private entries and future entries are not included in the sitemap.
  • Some elements of entries may be styled via style properties.


Setup->Options->[EAE] History

  • Description. A description for your history page. Optional.
  • Default sort order. You can select the history entries to be displayed from oldest to newest, or vice-versa. Defaulted to Ascending.
  • Entries per page. Minimum 10, maximum 100, Defaulted to 20.
  • Fa-icon for private events. You may want to change the fa-icon to one that best shows it is private to you. Defaulted to fa-key.
  • Live date. The date your forum went live. The anniversary milestone relies on the date set here, be sure to set it if you are planning on recording each anniversary date of your forum. Note, that if your forum went live x number of years ago, the anniversary milestone will record a new date each time the cron runs until it catches up to the current year.
  • Base markers. Used to determine when a milestone type that is depended on counts should be recorded in your forums history . Posts uses these values as set, other milestone types can be set to use a lesser value. See option below. Defaulted to 100, 250, 500, 1000, 5000, and 10,000.
  • When the last marker is achieved, determine the next highest marker by. Select to use a multiplier on the last marker value, or double the last marker value. See screenshot of options to read what each does. You may also just add your own greater valued marker.
  • Do not reduce base markers for. As the number of messages are normally at least 10X greater than threads, and other types, you can choose to reduce the base markers set above by a factor of ten, for each type unchecked. This is useful to help populate your forums history with milestones that may take specific types a lot longer to achieve, i.e. the number of registered members.

See screenshots for permissions and moderator permissions the history add-on adds. On install, the following permissions are set:

  • unregistered/unconfirmed: view history
  • registered: view history, view attachments, and report
  • administrative: view private entries, view future entries, add entry to history, upload attachments to entry, edit own entry, delete own entry.
If you only want the site owner to have the administrative history permissions, select No for all, and save. Then edit the user permissions for the site owner. No moderator permissions are set on install, assign as appropriate.


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