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Feb 15, 2024
Video Tutorial: http://video.kuajingwang.vip/sv/594330cc-189b558c536/594330cc-189b558c536.mp4

Product Description

CrownSoft Facebook Marketing Software is a comprehensive Facebook marketing software with full functionality. The software can operate facebook accounts in batches, add contacts in batches, send group messages, group posts, automatically add groups, automatically comment and like, etc., to help companies obtain customer resources and promote promotion.

Notice: The download or use of facebook marketing software may be accidentally killed by antivirus software such as 360. Please do not stop the software from running, just add the software to the whitelist.

Capture facebook groups with facebook marketing software: According to the keyword collection group, multiple keywords can be set, and multiple Facebook accounts can be collected according to the keyword at the same time. Groups can be filtered according to conditions after collection, and groups with members greater than X are retained.
Add groups via facebook group marketing feature: Add groups with multiple Facebook accounts at the same time. When functions such as private group verification are turned on, groups that need to answer questions will not be skipped. After the questions are answered, the process can continue. When repeat mode is enabled, all Facebook accounts will not add repeat groups.
Use facebook marketing software for group posting, for groups that have been added, for Facebook group posting. Can send plain text, graphic text.

Acquire new users through the facebook fan marketing function: collect group member ids through the Facebook group, or collect fans on the homepage through the Facebook personal homepage.
New user marketing: Send group private messages to new Facebook users, send homepage comments or likes
Adding recommenders through the facebook fan marketing function: batch operations to add recommendation hots to existing Facebook accounts, you can specify to add recommenders from a certain country, and you can set the number of recommenders to add for each account.
Deduplication mode: all Facebook accounts do not add duplicate referrers
Add recommender interval: set the interval between adding Facebook recommenders, new accounts can be set to a longer interval, which can effectively reduce the rate of banning accounts.

Added friends marketing: send private messages to friends who have already added, or comment on the homepage.
Confirm friend request: Batch confirm other people's request to add themselves

Collect Facebook live streaming addresses through keywords and post in the live streaming room. It is also possible to batch follow, like, and comment in the live streaming room.

Sales Page: https://www.crownsoft007.com/html/facebookmarketing.html

Download Link:-
From Official Page: https://downsoft.kuajingwang.vip/kuajingwangsoft/FaceBook Marketing.zip
Cracked File:-
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