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Here are the features that makes XF2SEO the most powerful SEO add-on for XenForo
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XenForo SEO Made Easy​

Here are the features that makes XF2SEO the most powerful SEO add-on for XenForo

How to Add Custom Meta Tags to XenForo Threads and Forum Nodes
wo of the most essential on-page SEO factors that you should consider optimizing are your meta title and description tags. Using our XenForo SEO add-on, you can create custom titles and descriptions for your forum pages and threads without changing their original content. How to add a custom title and description to a single XenFor

How to Easily Create 301 Redirects in XenForo​

Sometimes, you may want to redirect users to a different thread or page on your forum. Causes for this can be that you have merged two different threads together or you have deleted a thread but don’t want to create a negative experience for your users. This is when 301 redirects become useful. If someone

How to Use the XenForo SEO Internal Linking Tool​

Internal linking can be beneficial to your users and search engines. Our XenForo SEO add-on allows you to build better internal linking structure throughout your forum, automatically! Why work on your internal linking structure? If you want to keep visitors on your forum longer

How to Noindex a XenForo thread​

Thin content can really hurt your SEO. If there is a thread on your XenForo forum that does not bring value to users or isn’t suitable to be indexed by search engines, you can exclude it from showing up on Google with a meta robots noindex tag
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