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[XB] Fake Activity 1.5.6

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Author anne51
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  1. 2.0.x
  2. 2.1.x
  3. 2.2.x
This addon will show fake activities of selected or random user within specific time it shows offlin
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FREE Download Premium and Nulled [XB] Fake Activity 1.5.6 version from NullPro Community. It is zip Extention type and 22 KB File size. From [XB] Fake Activity have 5 Description Attachments, 4 discussion, 2 Updates, 471 Views.
This addon will show fake activities of selected or random user within specific time it shows offline user to online and it look like he is surfing forum


  • Admin can set users ids or give amount of user that will looks online.
  • On random user only members selected whose last activity within 10 days .
  • Admin can also set date range of fake activities
  • Fake activity of online user will be change after every 10 minutes
  • Online user look like surfing forum (any random thread or forum)
  • Ban or moderate user will not select on random user
  • Show online guest between min and max range
  • Guest actives will change in after 15 minute
  • Add Create fake account feature mean If random user count (value on second option) is greater than total system user then on each page refresh two fake user will be created
  • Optimize query when select from random user
  • Show certain activity on certain hours of day ($20 for this feature just for old user its one time payment )
Note :
Please send me PM if anyone need this addon or also i can add any other feature on it
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Latest updates

1.5.6 - 1.5.6
Fixed error "Callback XenBulletins\FakeActivity\XF\Option\Settings::verifyOption is invalid...
1.5.4 - 1.5.4
Fixed strange numbers on body of forum

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