WHMCS Announcement to WP

WHMCS Announcement to WP 2020-11-06

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WHMCS Announcement to WP
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Download and Discuss Premium, BusinessWHMCS Announcement to WP 2020-11-06 version on NullPro Community. It is zip Extention type and 3.1 KB File size. From WHMCS Announcement to WP have 423 Views.
The WHMCS Announcement to WP module is a very simple module that performs a very task. It will send any new announcements to your chosen WordPress site through the XMLRPC API.

If you check publish when adding an announcement, it will publish the post, otherwise it will create the post in WordPress and save it as a draft for you to publish at your leisure.

You need to provide your wordpress details for this to work, which can be done by clicking on 'Configure Module' in the menu.

You can also choose a specific category that the posts will be assigned to (if you want to override the default category selection).
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