Thread Prefixes Widget Cloud

Thread Prefixes Widget Cloud 1.0.0

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Display the thread prefixes that exists of your board, on a widget block.
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Download and Discuss Premium, BusinessThread Prefixes Widget Cloud 1.0.0 version on NullPro Community. It is zip Extention type and 33.3 KB File size. From Thread Prefixes Widget Cloud have 428 Views.
A new xF2 widget for your board!
Display the thread prefixes that exists of your board, on a widget block. Each prefix text will have a font size from small to bigger, based on its usage on your forum threads.
Prefixes are clickable and sends you to a new page with all threads of your board (from any forum) with the current (clicked) prefix.

Minimum prefixes to display: 1
Maximum prefixes to display: 200
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33.3 KB
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