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Is the unwanted website traffic harming your online store? You can now drive quality traffic and prevent the harmful bots from entering your site with the help of Prestashop block user / bot module. Prestashop Block User / bot by IP, Country or User Agent addon allows the e-merchants to block the users based on their IP address, country as well as the user agents. With easy customization options, the Prestashop store admins can prevent their eCommerce sites from fake registrations and spam

Prestashop Block Bot / User by IP, country or User Agent is designed to safeguard your website from the malicious contents.
  • The Prestashop store owner can write any particular IP address or the range of IP addresses that he wants to restrict from the website. The already entered IPs can be edited and the banishment can be enabled or disabled just at a button click.
  • The admin is provided with the list including the different country names. He can select the region that he wants to ban from his website. The selected country name can even be deleted from the admin interface.
  • Not just, even the user agents can be blocked with the help of this Prestashop block user / bot by Ip, Country and user agent extension. Once the user agent is blocked, any customer using it won't get an access to the online store.
  • The banished users won't be able to see the contents of the website. However, the admin can enable him to view the header and footer of the site.
  • The front-end of the website will show a message that can be customized from the admin panel.
  • Along with this, the blocked customers can send a request to undo the banishment. The admin can disable this functionality. At the same time, the request raised by the customers can be viewed by the store owner in the backend along with their email id.
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