Extended Affiliate Program RefPRO Module

Extended Affiliate Program RefPRO Module 2.10.2

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Want to get more customers and increase sales without investment?
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Download and Discuss Premium, BusinessExtended Affiliate Program RefPRO Module 2.10.2 version on NullPro Community. It is zip Extention type and 1.7 MB File size. From Extended Affiliate Program RefPRO Module have 4 Description Attachments, 2 discussion, 2 Updates, 521 Views.
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Want to get more customers and increase sales without investment? The professional module of the affiliate program allows you to organize a full multi-level affiliate program in the store and flexibly configure it for your goals.

The affiliate program module will allow the store owner to more effectively advertise their products with the help of partners:
You can implement a multi-level (up to 9 levels) affiliate program.
You can allow one group of customers to participate in the affiliate program and prohibit other groups.
You can only allow the client who has made a certain number of orders in the store to participate in the affiliate program .
The administrator can set a different percentage of deductions for different groups of partners.
The administrator can set a different percentage of deductions for goods from different categories.
The administrator has the ability to flexibly configure the registration of partners in the
Vaud store pre-validation of registered partners by administrator is possible
The administrator has the ability to flexibly manage registered partners: block accounts, delete from the affiliate program, change the sponsor.
The administrator can load advertising banners to promote any page of the store with partners.
You can stimulate customers with discount coupons for the first order for registration in the store.
You can customize the invite code (coupon) for each partner
It is possible to bind the client to the sponsor through an invite code when placing an order directly in the admin panel ina
It is possible to limit the bonus accrual only for the first N orders of each attracted customer.
It is possible to prohibit the accrual of bonus for the sale of promotional goods (which are subject to discounts)
You can prohibit the accrual of bonus for orders issued using a discount coupon.
Detailed statistics on the balance of partners in the store admin area (installation of an additional module is required)
Detailed statistics on the withdrawal of partners rewards in the store admin area.
The list of affiliate program participants in the store admin area
determines the order status. at which there is an accrual of affiliate rewards for the sale.
The administrator determines the status of orders at which deduction of partner remuneration (in case of return of goods by the client)
Affiliate remuneration can be calculated both taking into account taxes and without them
The store administrator determines up to 5 options for paying partner rewards of your choice.
The administrator sets the minimum amount for paying partner rewards so as not to be overloaded with "cheap" payments. An
email notification is sent to the administrator after a partner orders a payment of rewards.
The administrator can send letters to any member of the affiliate program or all partners at once
administrator can customize the banner ad at the offices of partners
in order to protect customers' personal data administrator can hide concluded an email and full names of partners involved in the partnership sponsor's office
Partners can spend earned bonuses on purchases in the store - money DOES NOT LEAVE from the store! (requires installation of an additional module)
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Latest updates

  1. 2.10.2 - 3/26/2023
    - adaptation to PS 8.0.0
  2. 2.10.1 For PS1.7.6+ - 2.10.1(07/18/2021)
    minor design improvements, fixed the bugs

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