[BS] Real time chat

[BS] Real time chat 1.5.0

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  1. 2.1.x
  2. 2.2.x
let us chat it now
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Download and Discuss Premium, Business[BS] Real time chat 1.5.0 version on NullPro Community. It is zip Extention type and 455.9 KB File size. From [BS] Real time chat have 1 Description Attachments, 5 discussion, 5 Updates, 462 Views.

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  • All changes occur in real time (new post, delete, edit, etc.)
  • Editing own/all messages
  • Deleting own/all messages
  • Clear chat (/clear command)
  • Command handlers
  • Chat notifications
  • Sound notifications in chat
  • Chat ad above messages
  • The username of the user who is currently typing a message
  • Insert username by clicking on it
  • Insert and process BB codes
  • Mention via the /to command
  • Private messages via the /pm command
  • Exiting edit mode using the escape key
  • User banning
  • Banned users list
  • Reports to messages
  • Chat history
Live demo: https://devsell.io/ (user:user)
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Latest updates

  1. 1.5.0 - changelog
    Support for private messages: Now if a bot is contacted in a chat with the /pm command, it also...
  2. 1.4.0 - changelog
    (Tuning) Streaming mode: if this option is enabled, the bot will type a message in real time, as...
  3. 1.3.0 - changelog
    A new user-friendly design has been implemented. Now it is convenient to use the chat from any...
  4. 1.2.1 - changelog
    Option to load messages after page load to reduce page load time PHP 8.0+ compatibility The...
  5. 1.1.2 - 1.1.2
    Changes: Updated dependencies XF 2.2 compatible To upgrade to this version, you must have XF 2.2+.

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