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This XenForo 2.1 addon adds extra info to the entries in the Approval Queue to help make approval de
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Download and Discuss Premium, BusinessApproval Queue Plus 3.5.1 version on NullPro Community. It is zip Extention type and 27.2 KB File size. From Approval Queue Plus have 4 Description Attachments, 2 discussion, 2 Updates, 467 Views.
This XenForo 2.1 addon adds extra info to the entries in the Approval Queue to help make approval decisions easier.

The approval queue was redesigned for XF2.1 - this addon adds back some additional information.

Specifically, the following information is added back to the main display:
  • Username
  • Date joined
  • Date of last activity
  • Registration IP
  • Location
  • Time Zone
There is also an admin option to reverse the default sort order of the Approval Queue.

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Latest updates

  1. 3.5.1 - changelog
    Fixes a critical upgrade bug (doesn't apply to new installs), where certain columns didn't get...
  2. 3.4.0 - changelog
    update permission phrase to make it clear where the permission comes from rename user agent...

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